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The way customers are treated by the people they come into contact with has the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. Every member of a company has the power to create or lose a customer for life.

Our workshops, training courses and awards are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of individual companies. Our NVQ awards are nationally recognised benchmarks to help business professionals manage and improve their own competence and the performance of their company.

Too often customer service staff members do not consider themselves to be professionals and too many feel transient. They may not understand they possess special skills that allow them to be effective.

Deflecting customer anger, communicating empathy and putting in place the systems that solve the customer’s ‘problem’ and maintain their loyalty, are skills that can be taught.

Effective customer service relies on well trained, knowledgeable and highly motivated front-line staff. Maintaining and developing the performance and morale of customer-facing staff should therefore be a priority.

Workshops, seminars and NVQ awards