Support Channel specialises in customer service and customer management consultancy and training

Welcome to the Support Channel website. We are a Cambridgeshire based, independent training and consultancy company specialising in customer service and customer relationship management.

At Support Channel we passionately believe that sales and customer service teams are fundemental in driving the success of commercial organisations. Its not enough to have great product, to maintain your customer base and attract new clients you must provide outstanding customer service.

Customer service is intangible. It cannot be seen, touched or stored. It is the means by which your customers experience your company's services and good customer service does wonders for business, bad customer service can literally cripple your company.

At Support Channel we believe that 'one size does not fit all' so our services differ from most other training and consulting organisations. We tailor our training and consulting programmes to meet the specific needs of our clients and as a result our clients get precisely what they are looking for.